How Do You Spell ALOUATTA?

Pronunciation: [ɐlwˈɑːtə] (IPA)

The word "alouatta" refers to a genus of New World monkeys that inhabit Central and South America. Phonetically, it is pronounced as /əluˈætə/. The spelling of this word follows the English spelling conventions, where each letter represents a specific sound or sequence of sounds. The "a" in the first and second syllables is pronounced as a schwa /ə/, while the "ou" in the first syllable represents an /u/ sound. The double "t" at the end of the word indicates that the sound is pronounced with extra emphasis.

ALOUATTA Meaning and Definition

  1. Alouatta is a noun that refers to a genus of New World monkeys commonly known as howler monkeys. It is derived from the Latin word "Alouatta" which translates to "Cry of Battle" or "War Cry."

    Howler monkeys are native to Central and South America, and their distinctive vocalizations serve as a key characteristic of this genus. The loud, deep roars produced by male howler monkeys can be heard from several kilometers away, making it one of the loudest animal sounds in the world. These vocalizations are primarily used to establish and defend their territories, as well as to communicate with other members of their troop.

    Alouatta monkeys are known for their large size, robust builds, and prehensile tails that aid in their arboreal locomotion. They have long, shaggy, and often colorful fur, varying from black to brown, red, or even golden. Their strong jaws and specialized dental adaptations allow them to consume a primarily plant-based diet, with leaves being the staple food.

    These diurnal primates live in small to medium-sized social groups, generally consisting of one male, multiple females, and their offspring. They are mainly tree-dwelling creatures, rarely descending to the ground. Alouatta monkeys are known for their docile temperament and relatively slow movements, spending the majority of their time resting, feeding, or simply socializing within their troop.

    Overall, alouatta refers to a distinct group of howler monkeys characterized by their vocalizations, physical traits, and unique behaviors within their habitat.

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Etymology of ALOUATTA

The word "alouatta" comes from the genus name of a group of monkeys known as howler monkeys. The genus name "Alouatta" has its origins in the Tupi-Guarani language, which is an indigenous language spoken in South America. In this language, "allo" means "howl" or "shout", referring to the loud vocalizations made by howler monkeys. The addition of the suffix "-atta" is a common suffix used in taxonomy to form genus names. Therefore, "alouatta" can be understood as "howler" or "shouter" in reference to the distinctive vocalizations of these monkeys.

Similar spelling words for ALOUATTA

Plural form of ALOUATTA is ALOUATTAS


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