How Do You Spell ALTAR?

Correct spelling for the English word "altar" is [ˈɒltə], [ˈɒltə], [ˈɒ_l_t_ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of ALTAR is ALTARS

Definition of ALTAR

  1. awlt'ar, n. an elevated place or structure, block or stone, or the like, on which sacrifices were anciently offered: in Christian churches, the table on which the officiating priest consecrates the eucharist: the communion table: (fig.) a place of worship.--ns. ALT'ARAGE, offerings made upon the altar during the offertory, provided for the maintenance of the priest; ALT'AR-CLOTH, the covering of the altar, placed over and around it, of silk, velvet, satin, or cloth, often used as including the frontal (antependium), and the super-frontal; ALT'ARPIECE, a decorative screen, retable, or reredos, placed behind an altar--a work of art, whether a sacred painting or sculpture.--n.pl. ALT'AR-RAILS, rails separating the sacrarium from the rest of the chancel.--ns. ALT'AR-STONE, the slab forming the top or chief part of an altar; ALT'AR-TOMB, a monumental memorial, in form like an altar, often with a canopy. These were often placed over the vaults or burying-place, and frequently on the north and south walls of choirs, aisles, and chantry chapels.--adj. ALT'ARWISE, placed like an altar--north and south, at the upper end of the chancel.--FAMILY ALTAR, the practice or the place of private devotional worship in the family; HIGH ALTAR, the principal altar in a cathedral or other church having more than one altar; PORTABLE ALTAR, a small tablet of marble, jasper, or precious stone, used by special license for Mass when said away from the parish altar, in oratories or other similar places. It was termed super-altare, because commonly placed upon some other altar, or some fitting construction of wood or stone. [L. alt[=a]re--altus, high.]

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Usage Examples for ALTAR

  1. They place the sacred body before the altar, and the mass begins. - "Callista" by John Henry Cardinal Newman
  2. The Cure had sent for Jo to do some last work upon a little altar, to be used the next day for the first time. - "The Right of Way, Volume 3." by Gilbert Parker