How Do You Spell ALTERS?

The word "alters" is pronounced as /ˈɔːltəz/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The letter "a" is pronounced as the open back unrounded vowel /ɔː/, followed by the consonant cluster "lt" pronounced as [lt], and finally, the sound "er" pronounced as the schwa sound /ə/. The "s" at the end is pronounced as a voiced alveolar fricative /z/. "Alters" refers to changing or making modifications, and its spelling is important in conveying the message accurately.

Common Misspellings for ALTERS

Similar spelling words for ALTERS

76 words made out of letters ALTERS

Conjugate verb Alters


I would alter
we would alter
you would alter
he/she/it would alter
they would alter


I will alter
we will alter
you will alter
he/she/it will alter
they will alter


I will have altered
we will have altered
you will have altered
he/she/it will have altered
they will have altered


I altered
we altered
you altered
he/she/it altered
they altered


I had altered
we had altered
you had altered
he/she/it had altered
they had altered


I alter
we alter
you alter
he/she/it alters
they alter


I have altered
we have altered
you have altered
he/she/it has altered
they have altered
I am altering
we are altering
you are altering
he/she/it is altering
they are altering
I was altering
we were altering
you were altering
he/she/it was altering
they were altering
I will be altering
we will be altering
you will be altering
he/she/it will be altering
they will be altering
I have been altering
we have been altering
you have been altering
he/she/it has been altering
they have been altering
I had been altering
we had been altering
you had been altering
he/she/it had been altering
they had been altering
I will have been altering
we will have been altering
you will have been altering
he/she/it will have been altering
they will have been altering
I would have altered
we would have altered
you would have altered
he/she/it would have altered
they would have altered
I would be altering
we would be altering
you would be altering
he/she/it would be altering
they would be altering
I would have been altering
we would have been altering
you would have been altering
he/she/it would have been altering
they would have been altering


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