How Do You Spell ALTGR?

AltGr is a term used to refer to a specific key on a computer keyboard. The spelling of AltGr is quite straightforward, with each letter pronounced distinctly. It is pronounced as "alt-ɡʁ" in IPA phonetic transcription. The term is a contraction of "alternate graphic," and the key is typically located to the right of the space bar. In many European countries, the AltGr key is used to access special characters like accented vowels, currency symbols, and brackets.

Common Misspellings for ALTGR

  • altger
  • altg
  • altig
  • altrg
  • zltgr
  • qltgr
  • alrgr
  • al6gr
  • al5gr
  • altg5
  • altg4
  • zaltgr
  • azltgr
  • asltgr
  • waltgr
  • awltgr
  • qaltgr
  • aqltgr
  • akltgr
  • alktgr

11 words made out of letters ALTGR

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