How Do You Spell ALTITUDE?

Correct spelling for the English word "altitude" is [ˈaltɪtjˌuːd], [ˈaltɪtjˌuːd], [ˈa_l_t_ɪ_t_j_ˌuː_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for ALTITUDE

Below is the list of 386 misspellings for the word "altitude".

Similar spelling words for ALTITUDE

Plural form of ALTITUDE is ALTITUDES

Definition of ALTITUDE

  1. Height; depth; (Geom.) length of perpendicular from vertex to base; height above sea level; (usu. in pl.) high place; (fig.) eminence. [Latin]

Anagrams of ALTITUDE

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Usage Examples for ALTITUDE

  1. But later it appeared that even there the latitude made a difference, and the altitude. - "Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays" by Bertrand Russell
  2. In his book on Cuba and other islands of the West Indies, Mr. Hill says: " As regards diversity of relief, Cuba's eastern end is mountainous, with summits standing high above the adjacent sea; its middle portion is wide, consisting of gently sloping plains, well- drained, high above the sea, and broken here and there by low, forest- clad hills; and its western third is a picturesque region of mountains, with fertile slopes and valleys, of different structure and less altitude than those of the east. - "Cuba, Old and New" by Albert Gardner Robinson
  3. The nights at this high altitude were chilly. - "Across Asia on a Bicycle" by Thomas Gaskell Allen and William Lewis Sachtleben
  4. It can be distinguished at any altitude, answered Tom. - "The Boy Volunteers with the French Airmen" by Kenneth Ward
  5. Then we tried altitude. - "Tarrano the Conqueror" by Raymond King Cummings