How Do You Spell ALTRA?

The spelling of the word "altra" can be confusing due to its pronunciation. The correct spelling is actually "ultra," with the IPA phonetic transcription of /ʌltrə/. The letter "u" is pronounced with a short "uh" sound, while the "ltr" sound is pronounced with a quick and distinct "ul" and "tr" sound. The final "a" at the end of the word is pronounced with a schwa /ə/ sound. Understanding the correct spelling and pronunciation of "ultra" is important in avoiding confusion and communicating effectively.

Common Misspellings for ALTRA

  • altre
  • altea
  • ultra
  • Alltra
  • zltra
  • qltra
  • aktra
  • algra
  • alyra
  • al5ra
  • alt4a
  • altrz
  • altrw
  • zaltra
  • azltra
  • saltra
  • asltra
  • waltra
  • awltra
  • qaltra

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