Pronunciation: [am at bˈɛk and kˈɔːl] (IPA)

The phrase "am at beck and call" is often used to express one's willingness to be at someone's disposal for any task or request. The word "beck" in this context refers to a gesture or movement of the head or hand, while "call" refers to a verbal summons. The correct pronunciation of "beck" is /bɛk/, with a short "e" sound, while "call" is pronounced /kɔl/ with an open "o" sound. Together, the phrase is often pronounced as /æm ət bɛk ənd kɔl/.

AM AT BECK AND CALL Meaning and Definition

  1. To be "at someone's beck and call" refers to a phrase commonly used to describe a person who is always available and ready to fulfill someone else's requests or demands, often without question or hesitation. It implies a subservient or highly obedient stance towards the individual being referred to.

    The term "beck" refers to a gesture or signal, typically made with a quick or subtle movement of the hand or head, to summon or call someone. It is often used in the context of a superior or authority figure summoning someone of lower rank. Combined with "call," the phrase suggests an unwavering willingness to respond instantly to any requests or commands from another person.

    When someone is said to be "at beck and call," it implies a state of being constantly ready and available, often at the expense of their personal needs or preferences. The person may have little or no autonomy, as they are expected to prioritize and cater to the whims of someone else. This phrase can be used to describe an assistant, servant, or subordinate who is expected to be highly responsive to the needs of their employer or superior.

    Overall, being "at someone's beck and call" denotes a position of subservience and implies a sense of constant availability and obedience to another individual.

Common Misspellings for AM AT BECK AND CALL

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