Pronunciation: [am at dˈaɡəz wɪð] (IPA)

The phrase "am at daggers with" means that someone is in a state of intense conflict or animosity with another person. The spelling of "daggers" may seem unusual, but it comes from the Middle English word "dagge," meaning a long, pointed weapon. The pronunciation of "daggers" is /ˈdæɡ.ərz/ in IPA phonetic transcription, with a hard "g" sound and the stress on the first syllable. Overall, this phrase conveys a strong sense of hostility and tension between two individuals.

AM AT DAGGERS WITH Meaning and Definition

  1. The idiomatic expression "am at daggers with" refers to a state of extreme conflict or enmity between two individuals or parties, emphasizing the intensity and hostility of the disagreement. It is often used to depict a situation where two people are engaged in an aggravated dispute or have a profound and enduring mutual dislike for one another.

    The phrase "am at daggers with" originates from historical contexts when daggers were commonly associated with individual fights or personal quarrels, symbolizing a deep-seated animosity or the potential for violence. In its modern usage, the term does not necessarily imply physical confrontation, but rather denotes an intense mental or emotional discord.

    This expression vividly conveys the intensity and bitterness of the conflict, suggesting that the parties involved are metaphorically armed and poised to harm one another. It implies a complete breakdown of a harmonious relationship or any possibility of reconciliation, where the hostility has reached such an extreme stage that it is irreparable.

    When individuals or groups are "at daggers with" each other, it signifies a profound division, deep-rooted resentment, or a long-standing clash of ideologies, making any form of collaboration or understanding seemingly impossible. Consequently, it represents a condition of utmost hostility and animosity, highlighting the strong aversion that exists between the two parties involved.

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