How Do You Spell AMAH?

The word "amah" is pronounced as /ˈɑːmə/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The spelling of this word can be attributed to its origin in Chinese language. In Chinese, the word "amah" means a female domestic servant. It is derived from the phrase "ah mah," which translates to "nanny" or "grandmother." The spelling of this word has been maintained in various English-speaking countries, including Singapore and Malaysia, where it is still used to refer to a domestic helper or housemaid.

Common Misspellings for AMAH

  • zmah
  • wmah
  • qmah
  • anah
  • ajah
  • amzh
  • amsh
  • amwh
  • amqh
  • amag
  • amab
  • amaj
  • amau
  • zamah
  • azmah
  • samah
  • wamah
  • awmah
  • qamah
  • aqmah

Similar spelling words for AMAH

Plural form of AMAH is AMAHS

10 words made out of letters AMAH

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