How Do You Spell AMAN?

Pronunciation: [ˈamən] (IPA)

The word "Aman" is spelled as /əˈmɑːn/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The initial sound, /ə/, is an unstressed schwa vowel, followed by the stress on the second syllable pronounced as /ˈmɑːn/. The letter "a" in the first syllable represents the schwa sound, which can also be spelled as a short "u" sound in some dialects. The letters "m" and "n" represent their respective consonant sounds. The correct spelling of "Aman" follows English phonetic rules and represents the accurate pronunciation of the word.

Common Misspellings for AMAN

  • qman
  • amzn
  • amqn
  • amzan
  • amsan
  • amasn
  • amwan
  • amawn
  • amqan
  • amaqn
  • amabn
  • amanb
  • Amcn
  • ama n

Etymology of AMAN

The word "Aman" has multiple origins and meanings depending on the context.

1. Hebrew: In Hebrew, "Aman" (אָמַן) is a verb that means "to believe" or "to trust". It derived from the Hebrew root א־מ־נ (aleph-mem-nun), which conveys the idea of faithfulness, reliability, and firmness.

2. Arabic: In Arabic, "Aman" (آمَنَ) is a verb that means "to be safe" or "to be secure". It can also be synonymous with "peace" or "tranquility". The word is commonly used in Islamic scripture and is related to the concept of untroubled peace.

3. Sanskrit: Aman is also a name of Sanskrit origin.

Similar spelling words for AMAN

Plural form of AMAN is AMANS


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