How Do You Spell AMANDA CROSS?

Pronunciation: [ɐmˈandə kɹˈɒs] (IPA)

The spelling of "Amanda Cross" is relatively straightforward. "Amanda" is spelled as it is pronounced: /əˈmændə/ (uh-man-duh). The first syllable has a short vowel sound followed by a schwa sound. The emphasis is on the second syllable. "Cross" is also spelled phonetically: /krɒs/ (kross). The "o" has a short vowel sound and the double "s" at the end is pronounced with a soft "s" sound. Together, the name is pronounced as uh-man-duh kross.

AMANDA CROSS Meaning and Definition

  1. Amanda Cross is the pseudonym of Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, an American author and academic. Amanda Cross is primarily known for her mystery novels featuring the protagonist Kate Fansler, a professor of English literature at a fictional New York university. Heilbrun adopted this pseudonym as a way to explore and challenge gender roles in crime fiction and to provide a platform to address feminist issues within these mysteries.

    In the world of crime fiction, Amanda Cross is synonymous with sophisticated and intellectual storytelling. Her novels often delve into the realms of academia and the intellectual elite, offering readers an intricate web of suspense and intellectual inquiry. While the essence of a classic detective novel is present in her work, Cross brings forward a unique blend of literary criticism, psychological insight, and social commentary.

    Amanda Cross’s novels are marked by her strong character development and intricate plotting. Her protagonist, Kate Fansler, is an intelligent and independent woman who navigates the complexities of academia and the mystery-solving world with sharp wit and astute observations. Cross's writing effortlessly blends academic pursuits and personal dilemmas, creating a rich tapestry of multi-dimensional characters.

    Amanda Cross's legacy lies in her contributions to feminist detective fiction. Her novels challenge societal conventions and explore the contours of gender roles and power dynamics. Through her pseudonym, Heilbrun created a distinctive voice in the crime fiction genre, and her works still resonate today for their intellectual depth, engaging storytelling, and exploration of feminist themes.

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Etymology of AMANDA CROSS

The name "Amanda Cross" has no specific etymology because it is a pseudonym used by the American author Carolyn Gold Heilbrun. Amanda Cross is the pen name Heilbrun adopted for her mystery novels featuring the protagonist Kate Fansler. The name was chosen for its feminine sound and its association with the Latin word "amanda", which means "a worthy or lovable person". The surname "Cross" was selected to convey a sense of mystery and intrigue.


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