How Do You Spell AMENDS?

Correct spelling for the English word "amends" is [ɐmˈɛndz], [ɐmˈɛndz], [ɐ_m_ˈɛ_n_d_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for AMENDS

Below is the list of 250 misspellings for the word "amends".

Similar spelling words for AMENDS

Plural form of AMENDS is AMENDS

Definition of AMENDS

  1. Reparation; satisfaction.

Anagrams of AMENDS

6 letters

  • desman,
  • mandes.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for AMENDS

  1. Thus shall he make them what amends he is able, for the wrong that he hath done them in wasting and spending of their estates. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3" by John Bunyan
  2. " It was just as though he was trying to make amends for something," said Miss Bruce, in telling of it afterward. - "'Laramie;' or, The Queen of Bedlam." by Charles King

Conjugate verb Amends


I would amend
we would amend
you would amend
he/she/it would amend
they would amend


I will amend
we will amend
you will amend
he/she/it will amend
they will amend


I will have amended
we will have amended
you will have amended
he/she/it will have amended
they will have amended


I amended
we amended
you amended
he/she/it amended
they amended


I had amended
we had amended
you had amended
he/she/it had amended
they had amended


I amend
we amend
you amend
he/she/it amends
they amend


I have amended
we have amended
you have amended
he/she/it has amended
they have amended
I am amending
we are amending
you are amending
he/she/it is amending
they are amending
I was amending
we were amending
you were amending
he/she/it was amending
they were amending
I will be amending
we will be amending
you will be amending
he/she/it will be amending
they will be amending
I have been amending
we have been amending
you have been amending
he/she/it has been amending
they have been amending
I had been amending
we had been amending
you had been amending
he/she/it had been amending
they had been amending
I will have been amending
we will have been amending
you will have been amending
he/she/it will have been amending
they will have been amending
I would have amended
we would have amended
you would have amended
he/she/it would have amended
they would have amended
I would be amending
we would be amending
you would be amending
he/she/it would be amending
they would be amending
I would have been amending
we would have been amending
you would have been amending
he/she/it would have been amending
they would have been amending