How Do You Spell AMHARA?

The word "Amhara" is spelled as /æmˈhærə/ in IPA phonetic transcription. This word refers to a tribe that inhabits the central highlands of Ethiopia. The first letter "a" is pronounced as the short "æ" sound, followed by the letter "m" pronounced with a voiced bilabial nasal sound. The next letter "h" is not pronounced and is followed by the vowel sound "a." Finally, the letter "r" is pronounced with a tapped alveolar sound, and the last letter "a" is pronounced with the short "ə" sound.

Common Misspellings for AMHARA

  • zmhara
  • smhara
  • wmhara
  • qmhara
  • anhara
  • akhara
  • ajhara
  • amgara
  • ambara
  • amnara
  • amjara
  • amuara
  • amyara
  • amhzra
  • amhsra
  • amhwra
  • amhqra
  • samhara
  • amhawra
  • mahara

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