How Do You Spell AMINADAB?

Pronunciation: [ˈamɪnˌadab] (IPA)

The spelling of the name Aminadab is based on the phonetic sounds of the English language. In IPA transcription, it is pronounced as /əˈmɪnədæb/. The first syllable "ami" has an unstressed schwa sound, followed by a stressed "nɪ" sound. The second syllable "na" contains a long "a" sound, and the final syllable "dab" is pronounced with a short "a" sound, followed by a voiced "b" consonant. The spelling of Aminadab accurately reflects the sounds of its pronunciation in English.

AMINADAB Meaning and Definition

  1. Aminadab is a masculine given name of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, Aminadab is written as אַמִּינָדָּב (Aminadav), which means "my kinsman is noble" or "my noble relative." It consists of two main components: "ami," meaning "my kinsman" or "my relative," and "nadav," which signifies "noble" or "generous."

    Historically, Aminadab is mentioned in the Bible, particularly in the Book of Exodus and the Book of Numbers. In these biblical references, Aminadab is recognized as the father of Elisheba, who was married to Aaron, the brother of Moses. Additionally, Aminadab was part of the genealogy of King David, as recorded in the Book of Ruth.

    As a given name, Aminadab carries profound historical and biblical significance. It represents nobility, kinship, or familial connection. Individuals bearing this name are often perceived as honorably related individuals, exemplifying traits such as generosity, nobility, and loyalty within their personal and social interactions.

    Today, Aminadab remains a relatively uncommon name but is still occasionally used as a given name for boys. It may be chosen by parents seeking a name rooted in biblical traditions and conveying themes of family or nobility.

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Etymology of AMINADAB

The etymology of the word "Aminadab" originates from Hebrew. In the Hebrew Bible (specifically in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Ruth), "Aminadab" (אַמִּינָדָב‎) is the name of several individuals. It is believed to be derived from the Hebrew words "am" meaning "people" and "nadav" meaning "generous" or "nobility". Therefore, the name "Aminadab" can be understood to mean "my people are generous" or "my people are noble".

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