How Do You Spell AMUCK?

The word "amuck" is often misspelled as "amok" due to its non-standard spelling. IPA phonetic transcription explains that the emphasis is on the second syllable and pronounced as /əˈmʌk/. The word originated from Malay and means "rampage" or "frenzy." It is commonly used in the phrase "run amuck" meaning to behave uncontrollably and wildly. Although it may seem confusing, it is important to use the correct spelling to avoid miscommunication and maintain clarity in written communication.

Common Misspellings for AMUCK

  • zmuck
  • wmuck
  • qmuck
  • anuck
  • akuck
  • ajuck
  • amyck
  • amhck
  • amjck
  • amick
  • am8ck
  • am7ck
  • amuxk
  • amuvk
  • amufk
  • amudk
  • amucj
  • amucm
  • amucl

Similar spelling words for AMUCK

Plural form of AMUCK is AMUCKS

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