How Do You Spell ANGRA?

The word "angra" is spelled with five letters containing three distinct sounds. The first sound is the 'æ' vowel sound, which is pronounced by opening the mouth slightly and lowering the tongue towards the bottom of the mouth. The second sound is the nasal consonant 'n', created by pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth while allowing air to flow through the nose. The third sound is the velar fricative 'ɣ', produced by vibrating the vocal cords while narrowing the opening at the back of the mouth.

Common Misspellings for ANGRA

  • qngra
  • ang5a
  • angrw
  • angrq
  • azngra
  • asngra
  • wangra
  • awngra
  • qangra
  • aqngra
  • amngra
  • anmgra
  • ajngra
  • anjgra
  • ahngra
  • anfgra
  • angfra
  • anvgra
  • angvra
  • angbra

21 words made out of letters ANGRA

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4 letters


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