How Do You Spell ANTER?

Pronunciation: [ˈantə] (IPA)

Anter is a commonly misspelled word that many people confuse with "enter". The correct spelling of the word anter is /æntər/, which is pronounced as "an-ter". It is pronounced with the short 'a' sound and the unstressed 'e' sound. The word anter means someone who searches or looks for something. This word is used in legal documentation when referring to a person appointed by a court to search for assets of an estate. Remember, the correct spelling of this word is anter, not enter.

Common Misspellings for ANTER

  • znter
  • qnter
  • an6er
  • an5er
  • ant3r
  • ante5
  • aznter
  • anbter
  • anjter
  • anrter
  • antfer
  • anyter
  • an6ter
  • ant6er
  • an5ter
  • ant5er
  • antewr
  • antesr
  • ant4er

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