How Do You Spell APER?

Pronunciation: [ˈe͡ɪpə] (IPA)

The word "aper" is spelled with the letters A-P-E-R. The phonetic transcription for this word is /ˈeɪ.pər/. The first syllable "ay" is pronounced as the long vowel sound "eh" as in "gaze" or "pave" followed by the sound "pər" which is a short "uh" sound as in "but" or "cut". The word "aper" can mean a person who imitates the behavior or speech of others, or it can refer to a type of monkey.

APER Meaning and Definition

The noun "aper" refers to a term used in France to describe a wild boar. It is derived from the French word "sanglier," which means "wild boar." An "aper" is a large, powerful animal characterized by its thick and coarse dark fur. It has a robust physique with a heavy build, strong legs, and a distinctive snout-like nose. The physical traits of the aper, such as its sharp tusks, make it a formidable creature.

In French culture, hunting the aper is considered a traditional and popular activity. The meat of the aper is highly valued in culinary traditions, often sought after for its rich, gamey flavor. Due to its wild nature, the aper typically resides in forests and wooded areas, leading a life of freedom and independence.

The term "aper" can also be used as a colloquial expression to describe someone who behaves like a wild boar. In this context, it refers to an individual who is often seen as unruly, uncivilized, or lacking manners. It is used figuratively to portray someone as being rough, aggressive, or unrefined in their actions or social interactions.

Overall, "aper" is a versatile term that can refer to both the animal and depict certain human behaviors that mirror the characteristics of the wild boar.

Common Misspellings for APER

  • ape5r
  • aper5
  • aper4
  • per
  • aepr
  • aaper
  • iper
  • eper
  • cper
  • aqer
  • apur
  • apmr
  • apgr
  • ape2
  • apeb
  • apez
  • apev
  • apurr
  • ape r

Etymology of APER

The word aper is believed to have originated from the Latin word apertus, which means open or uncovered. In Latin, apertus is the past participle of the verb aperire, which means to open. Over time, this Latin term evolved and eventually entered the French language as aper.

Similar spelling words for APER

Plural form of APER is APERS


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