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The best way to Operate the Online Spell Checker for Arabic - العربية.

Flawless spelling can make the difference between an average grade and a perfect grade. It can determine if a potential employer throws your resume in a filing cabinet or calls you in for an interview. We are all humans, and we all make mistakes., however, never makes mistakes, which is why you should run your term paper or resume through their spellchecker before submitting it to anyone. Unlike similar programs, has tools that are equipped to proofread text in any language, including an Arabic spellchecker.

How To Use The Arabic Spelling Checker

If you can copy and paste text, you can use the Arabic spell check tool. Just place your writing in the text box and click on "Spell Check". A new window will appear displaying your writing with spelling errors now highlighted. Click on each misspelling to be given a list of correction suggestions, and click "Change" to fix the misspelling. If you made the same error multiple times, you can click on "Change All" to instantly correct every instance. The Arabic spell checker may highlight words that are not in the dictionary such as names or brands. When asked to change these words, just click "Ignore" or "Ignore All". Clicking the "Options" button will open a menu that lets you instruct the Arabic spellchecker to not highlight words with numerical characters, word in all caps or URLs, allowing you to focus on the mistakes that need your attention.

Always Choose The Right Word

Most spell checkers cannot identify problems with word usage, but has an Arabic dictionary for you to reference. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to find a list of letters. To look up a word, click on its initial letter to see a full list of all entries.

Let The Arabic Spelling Checker Be Your Copy Editor

Proofreading is a skill in itself that even professional writers have trouble with. With the Arabic spell check tool, you don't have to waste hours fretting over typos and can focus on your writing instead.