How Do You Spell ARCED?

Pronunciation: [ˈɑːkt] (IPA)

The word "arced" is spelled with the letter "c" instead of "s" because the "c" creates a more accurate representation of the sound that is being made. In IPA phonetic transcription, "arced" is spelled as /ɑːkt/ (ar-k-t). The "c" represents the "k" sound, which is created when the back of the tongue contacts the soft palate, while the "e" is added to make the correct tense so the word can be used accurately in context.

ARCED Meaning and Definition

  1. Arced is an adjective that describes something that is curved or shaped like an arc. The term is often used to describe a path, trajectory, or movement that follows a smooth, curved line.

    In geometry, an arc refers to a section of a curve, particularly part of the circumference of a circle. When something is described as arced, it means that it has a rounded, curved shape resembling the arc of a circle. This can refer to various objects or phenomena, such as an arced bridge, an arced rainbow, or an arced projectile trajectory.

    The motion of an object can also be described as arced if it follows a curved or arching trajectory. For example, the flight path of a basketball player shooting a ball towards the hoop can be arced, as the ball moves in a curved trajectory towards its target. Similarly, the graceful movement of a dancer's arm or a swimmer's dive can be described as arced.

    Overall, the term "arced" conveys the sense of something being curved or following a smooth, arching shape. It can be used to describe both physical objects and the movement or path of objects, adding a visually appealing and elegant characteristic to the perception or description of the subject.

Common Misspellings for ARCED

Etymology of ARCED

The word "arced" is derived from the verb form "arc", which originated from the Middle English word "arken". This Middle English term was borrowed from the Old French word "arquer", which meant "to bend" or "to bow". "Arquer", in turn, can be traced back to the Latin word "arcus", meaning "bow" or "arch". The concept of "arcing" or forming a curved shape gave rise to the adjective "arced", indicating something that is bent or curved like an arch.

Similar spelling words for ARCED

Conjugate verb Arced


I would arc
we would arc
you would arc
he/she/it would arc
they would arc


I will arc
we will arc
you will arc
he/she/it will arc
they will arc


I will have arced
we will have arced
you will have arced
he/she/it will have arced
they will have arced


I arced
we arced
you arced
he/she/it arced
they arced


I had arced
we had arced
you had arced
he/she/it had arced
they had arced


I arc
we arc
you arc
he/she/it arcs
they arc


I have arced
we have arced
you have arced
he/she/it has arced
they have arced
I am arcing
we are arcing
you are arcing
he/she/it is arcing
they are arcing
I was arcing
we were arcing
you were arcing
he/she/it was arcing
they were arcing
I will be arcing
we will be arcing
you will be arcing
he/she/it will be arcing
they will be arcing
I have been arcing
we have been arcing
you have been arcing
he/she/it has been arcing
they have been arcing
I had been arcing
we had been arcing
you had been arcing
he/she/it had been arcing
they had been arcing
I will have been arcing
we will have been arcing
you will have been arcing
he/she/it will have been arcing
they will have been arcing
I would have arced
we would have arced
you would have arced
he/she/it would have arced
they would have arced
I would be arcing
we would be arcing
you would be arcing
he/she/it would be arcing
they would be arcing
I would have been arcing
we would have been arcing
you would have been arcing
he/she/it would have been arcing
they would have been arcing


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