How Do You Spell ARCH?

Pronunciation: [ˈɑːt͡ʃ] (IPA)

The word "arch" is spelled with the letters A-R-C-H. It is pronounced /ɑːrtʃ/ in the IPA phonetic transcription. The "A" sound is held long and the "R" and "C" are pronounced separately. The "H" at the end of the word is silent, meaning it is not pronounced. It is important to spell words correctly as incorrect spelling can lead to confusion and miscommunication.

ARCH Meaning and Definition

The term "arch" refers to a curved or semicircular structural element that spans an open space, typically made of masonry or other construction materials. It is commonly used in architecture to provide support and distribute the weight of a structure, such as a bridge or doorway, across a wider area. Arches are characterized by their inherent strength and stability, as the curved shape allows them to efficiently transfer loads downward and outward to their supporting structures, often referred to as abutments.

Arches have been an integral part of architectural design for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans. They are distinguished by their versatility and aesthetic appeal, adding a sense of grandeur and elegance to architectural structures. The graceful curvature of arches can be found in various forms, including round arches, pointed arches, and elliptical arches, each embodying different architectural styles and historical periods.

In addition to their practical applications, arches are also frequently used in decorative or ornamental features, such as arcades, colonnades, and windows. Their enduring popularity in architecture can be attributed to the combination of their structural functionality and their visual appeal, creating a timeless architectural element that continues to be utilized and appreciated in modern construction.

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Etymology of ARCH

The word "arch" has several different etymologies depending on its specific usage. Here are some of the most common origins for the word:

1. As a noun meaning a curved structure spanning an opening or supporting weight:

- It comes from the Latin word "arcus", meaning "bow" or "arch", which originally referred to a bow for shooting arrows.

- The Latin word "arcus" is derived from the Greek word "arkhós", which also means "bow".

2. As a prefix or adjective, often implying superiority or hierarchy (e.g., archenemy, archbishop):

- The prefix "arch-" in this sense comes from the Greek word "arkhós", which means "chief" or "first in command".

- It is also associated with "archon", a Greek word meaning "ruler" or "magistrate".

Idioms with the word ARCH

  • arch over sm or sth The idiom "arch over someone or something" typically refers to the act of spanning or curving over an object or person in a protective or encompassing manner. It can symbolize shelter, support, or taking care of someone or something.
  • arch sth over sm or sth The idiom "arch something over someone or something" means to create a curved structure or form over someone or something. It can be used figuratively to describe protecting or enveloping someone or something in a graceful or encompassing manner.
  • arch (oneself) over The idiom "arch (oneself) over" means to bend or curve one's body or back in a manner resembling an arch. It is often used figuratively to describe someone who assumes a defensive or protective stance, physically or metaphorically, as if forming an arch to shield themselves or to exert control or dominance.
  • arch cove
  • arch dell
  • arch doxy
  • arch rogue The idiom "arch rogue" refers to a person who is a particularly cunning and notorious rogue or villain. It typically describes someone who consistently engages in deceitful, dishonest, or criminal activities, often in a calculated and sophisticated manner. The term "arch" emphasizes the individual's elevated level of wickedness or mischief.
  • arch over The idiom "arch over" refers to the act of forming an arch, or bending or curving something (e.g., a body, an object) in the shape of an arch. This figurative phrase can also describe the action of providing support or protection to someone or something, like an arch does.
  • arch over someone or something The idiom "arch over someone or something" generally means to physically form an arch or to overlook or protect someone or something. It can refer to an actual physical arch shape or a metaphorical representation of providing guidance, shelter, or support.
  • arch something over someone or something The idiom "arch something over someone or something" refers to the act of creating or forming an arch-shaped structure above or across a person or thing. It can be used metaphorically to describe the action of protecting, covering, or enveloping someone or something with an arched structure or metaphorical "shield." This idiom conveys the idea of providing physical or metaphorical shelter, support, or guidance.

Similar spelling words for ARCH

Plural form of ARCH is ARCHES

Conjugate verb Arch


I would have arched
you would have arched
he/she/it would have arched
we would have arched
they would have arched
I would have arch
you would have arch
he/she/it would have arch
we would have arch
they would have arch


I would have been arching
you would have been arching
he/she/it would have been arching
we would have been arching
they would have been arching


I would arch
you would arch
he/she/it would arch
we would arch
they would arch


I would be arching
you would be arching
he/she/it would be arching
we would be arching
they would be arching


I will arch
you will arch
he/she/it will arch
we will arch
they will arch


I will be arching
you will be arching
he/she/it will be arching
we will be arching
they will be arching


I will have arched
you will have arched
he/she/it will have arched
we will have arched
they will have arched


I will have been arching
you will have been arching
he/she/it will have been arching
we will have been arching
they will have been arching


you arch
we let´s arch


to arch


I was arching
you were arching
he/she/it was arching
we were arching
they were arching




I had arched
you had arched
he/she/it had arched
we had arched
they had arched


I had been arching
you had been arching
he/she/it had been arching
we had been arching
they had been arching


I arch
you arch
he/she/it arches
we arch
they arch


I am arching
you are arching
he/she/it is arching
we are arching
they are arching




I have arched
you have arched
he/she/it has arched
we have arched
they have arched


I have been arching
you have been arching
he/she/it has been arching
we have been arching
they have been arching


he/she/it arch


I arched
you arched
he/she/it arched
we arched
they arched


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