How Do You Spell ARDEA?

"Ardea" is a bird species known as the heron. The spelling of "ardea" is pronounced as /ɑːˈdiːə/, with the emphasis on the second syllable. The vowel at the beginning of the word has a long sound represented by the symbol /ɑː/. The following syllable consists of the diphthong /iː/ and the letter "e," producing a long "i" sound. Finally, the last syllable carries the schwa vowel noted with the symbol /ə/. Overall, the spelling of "ardea" follows the English pronunciation conventions.

Common Misspellings for ARDEA

  • zrdea
  • srdea
  • wrdea
  • qrdea
  • addea
  • afdea
  • atdea
  • a5dea
  • a4dea
  • arsea
  • arxea
  • arcea
  • arfea
  • ardwa
  • ardsa
  • ardda
  • ardra
  • ard4a
  • ard3a
  • ardez

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