How Do You Spell ARIBA?

ARIBA is a word that is often misspelled due to its unique pronunciation. The correct phonetic transcription of ARIBA is /əˈriːbə/ which shows that the first syllable is pronounced with a neutral vowel sound, 'uh', while the second syllable has a long 'ee' sound followed by a short 'buh' sound. The spelling of ARIBA follows the standard English spelling rules, with the letter 'i' representing the long 'ee' sound and the letter 'a' representing the short 'uh' sound. Remembering the correct spelling of ARIBA will help to avoid confusion and errors in written communication.

Common Misspellings for ARIBA

  • arihba
  • aribha
  • arigba
  • aribga
  • aribza
  • aribaz
  • aribsa
  • aribwa
  • aribaw
  • aribqa
  • aribaq
  • ariiba
  • aribba
  • aribaa
  • a riba
  • ar iba
  • ari ba
  • arib a

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