How Do You Spell ARRACK?

Pronunciation: [ɐɹˈak] (IPA)

Arrack, a South Asian spirit made from fermented fruit or palm sap, is often misspelled as "arak" or "araq." The correct spelling, arranged phonetically as /əˈræk/, emphasizes the pronunciation of the "a" as a schwa sound followed by a hard "r" sound at the beginning of the second syllable. This spelling accurately reflects the word's origin, which comes from the Tamil word "arakku" and the Arabic word "araq," highlighting its cultural and linguistic diversity.

ARRACK Meaning and Definition

  1. Arrack is a type of traditional distilled alcoholic beverage that originated in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. This term refers to a specific category of spirits that vary in flavor, ingredients, and production methods across different regions.

    Typically, arrack is produced by fermenting a base material, such as sugarcane, palm sap, or fruit juice, before it undergoes distillation. This distillation process separates alcohol from the fermented liquid, resulting in a high-proof spirit. The final product is usually colorless, but it can also have a slightly golden hue, depending on the ingredients used.

    Arrack's flavor profile can range from sweet and fruity to bold and earthy, but it often possesses distinct regional characteristics. It can be consumed straight, used as a base for cocktails, or added to various culinary preparations to enhance flavor.

    Historically, arrack held cultural significance and played a prominent role in social gatherings and ceremonies throughout the regions where it originated. While it has expanded in popularity and is now available in many parts of the world, traditional arrack remains a cherished cultural symbol in Southeast Asia.

  2. Spirituous liquor distilled in the East Indies, from rice, cocoa-nut, &c.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

Common Misspellings for ARRACK

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Etymology of ARRACK

The word "arrack" has an interesting etymology. It was borrowed into English from various sources, especially from Arabic and Portuguese.

The term "arrack" itself is derived from the Arabic word "ʿaraq" (عَرَق), which means "perspiration" or "sap". In Arabic, it specifically referred to the sap of trees, such as coconut palms or date palms, which was fermented to produce a beverage.

During the period of Arab influence in the Indian subcontinent, the word "arrack" was adopted by different languages in the region. In Malayalam, it became "arakku" and in Tamil, "aracku", both preserving the original meaning of palm sap. From South India, the term spread to Southeast Asia and became a generic term for distilled spirits.

The Portuguese also played a role in the etymology of "arrack".

Similar spelling words for ARRACK

Plural form of ARRACK is ARRACKS


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