How Do You Spell ARTEFACT?

The correct spelling of the word meaning an object made by human beings, often of cultural or historical significance, is "artifact" in American English (pronounced /ˈɑːrtɪfækt/) and "artefact" in British English (pronounced /ˈɑːtɪfækt/). The difference in spelling comes from the use of the prefix "artefact" in British English instead of "artifact" in American English. Despite the difference in spelling, both these versions ultimately derive from the Latin "arte factum" meaning "something made with skill".

Common Misspellings for ARTEFACT

  • zrtefact
  • srtefact
  • wrtefact
  • qrtefact
  • aetefact
  • adtefact
  • aftefact
  • attefact
  • a5tefact
  • a4tefact
  • arrefact
  • arfefact
  • argefact
  • aryefact
  • ar6efact
  • ar5efact
  • artwfact
  • artsfact
  • artdfact

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Plural form of ARTEFACT is ARTEFACTS

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