How Do You Spell ASA?

Correct spelling for the English word "Asa" is [ɐsˈa], [ɐsˈa], [ɐ_s_ˈa]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of ASA

  1. (physician , or cure ). 1. Son of Abijah and third king of Judah. (B.C. 956-916.) (His long reign of 41 years was peaceful in its earlier portion, and he undertook the reformation of all abuses, especially of idolatry. He burnt the symbol of his grandmother Maachahs religion and deposed her from the dignity of "kings mother,") and renewed the great altar which the idolatrous priests apparently had desecrated. ( 2 Chronicles 15:8 ) Besides this he fortified cities on his frontiers, and raised an army, amounting, according to ( 2 Chronicles 14:8 ) to 580,000 men, a number probably exaggerated by an error of the copyist. During Asas reign, Zerah, at the head of an enormous host, ( 2 Chronicles 14:9 ) attacked Mareshah. There he was utterly defeated, and driven back with immense loss to Gerar. The peace which followed this victory was broken by the attempt of Baasha of Israel to fortify Ramah. To stop this Asa purchased the help of Benhadad I. king of Damascus, by a large payment of treasure, forced Baasha to abandon his purpose, and destroyed the works which he had begun at Ramah. In his old age Asa suffered from gout, He died, greatly loved and honored, in the 41st year of his reign. 2. Ancestor of Berechiah a Levite who resided in one of the villages of the Netophathites after the return from Babylon. ( 1 Chronicles 9:16 )

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Abbreviation ASA means:

  1. Assab, Eritrea
  2. American Standards Association