How Do You Spell ASEA?

Pronunciation: [ˈasi͡ə] (IPA)

The word "asea" is spelled with an "a" followed by two "e's." The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /əˈsiː/. The first syllable is represented by the schwa sound /ə/, which is a neutral vowel sound. The second syllable includes the long "e" sound /iː/ followed by the consonant sound /s/. Overall, the phonetic transcription helps to explain the spelling of the word "asea," which refers to the condition of being at sea.

ASEA Meaning and Definition

Asea is an adverb in the English language, derived from the combination of the prefix "a-" meaning "without" or "not" and the word "sea". It refers to a state or condition of being at sea or on the open ocean, away from the land or shoreline.

When someone or something is described as being asea, it signifies their position aboard a vessel, such as a ship, boat, or any other form of watercraft that can navigate through large bodies of water. This term primarily emphasizes the absence of contact with solid ground or the absence of proximity to land.

Asea can also be used metaphorically to describe a situation or circumstance that is uncertain, unfamiliar, or uncontrolled. In this context, it implies a feeling of being adrift, lost, or disoriented. Used in this way, it may express a state of confusion, perplexity, or a lack of direction in someone's life or in a particular situation. Additionally, the expression "cast asea" can mean to set adrift or release something into the ocean, as in the act of launching a vessel or disposing of an object in the water.

Overall, asea is a versatile word that conveys the concept of being at sea both literally and metaphorically, either denoting the physical presence on water or a more abstract sense of being in an unknown or unsettled state.

Common Misspellings for ASEA

  • aesea
  • aseea
  • aswea
  • asewa
  • asesa
  • aseda
  • as4ea
  • ase4a
  • as3ea
  • ase3a
  • aseza
  • aseaz
  • aseaw
  • aseqa
  • aseaq
  • aseaa
  • csea
  • a3ea
  • asei
  • ase a

Etymology of ASEA

The word "asea" comes from the Old English word "on sæ", where "on" means "in" and "sæ" means "sea". Over time, "on sæ" evolved into "asea" with the same meaning, referring to being on or in the open sea.

Similar spelling words for ASEA

Plural form of ASEA is ASEAS


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