The Asiatic Buffalo, also known as the Water Buffalo, is a large bovine species found in Asia. The spelling of this word is done in accordance with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as əˈʃeɪətɪk ˈbʌfəloʊ. The phonetic transcription of this word helps in understanding its pronunciation. ‘ əˈʃeɪətɪk’is pronounced as “uh-shay-uh-tik”, which represents the word's origin from Asia. The accent is on the second syllable, i.e., asi-AT-ic. ‘ˈbʌfəloʊ’ is pronounced as “buhf-uh-loh”, with the accent on the first syllable.

Common Misspellings for ASIATIC BUFFALO

  • zsiatic buffalo
  • ssiatic buffalo
  • wsiatic buffalo
  • qsiatic buffalo
  • aaiatic buffalo
  • aziatic buffalo
  • axiatic buffalo
  • adiatic buffalo
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  • awiatic buffalo
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  • askatic buffalo
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  • as9atic buffalo
  • as8atic buffalo
  • asiztic buffalo
  • asistic buffalo
  • asiwtic buffalo

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