How Do You Spell ASKING ALMS?

Pronunciation: [ˈaskɪŋ ˈɑːmz] (IPA)

The phrase "asking alms" is spelled with the sounds /æskɪŋ/ and /ɑːmz/. The first sound, /æ/, is the short "a" sound as in "cat", followed by /sk/, which is the consonant blend for a "sk" sound, as in "ask". The next sound, /ɪ/, is the short "i" sound as in "it", and the final consonant blend is /ŋ/, which is the "ng" sound as in "king". The second word, "alms", begins with the sound /ɑː/, which is the long "a" sound as in "father", and ends with /mz/, the consonant blend for "m" followed by "z".

ASKING ALMS Meaning and Definition

  1. Asking alms refers to the act of requesting or soliciting donations, typically in the form of money, food, or other forms of assistance, from others, especially when one is in a state of need or poverty. It is a practice commonly associated with individuals who are destitute, homeless, or facing financial hardships, and who rely on the generosity of others for their survival.

    The act of asking alms can be seen across different cultures and regions, and it often involves approaching strangers or passersby directly to make their plea. Alms-seeking is often motivated by the basic necessities for sustenance, such as shelter, food, and clothing, and is frequently associated with individuals who do not have access to reliable income or social support systems.

    The purpose of asking alms varies from person to person, with some seeking temporary relief from dire circumstances, while others engage in it as a regular means of livelihood. It is important to note that asking alms is generally viewed as an act of charity and compassion, as it provides an opportunity for individuals who are more fortunate to assist those who are less fortunate in meeting their essential needs.

    While the practice of asking alms has a long history and has been a source of support for many vulnerable individuals, it also reflects the broader issues of poverty, inequality, and lack of social safety nets within society. Efforts to address the underlying causes and provide sustainable solutions for those in need are crucial to address the root causes of alms-seeking and improve the overall welfare of individuals and communities.

Common Misspellings for ASKING ALMS

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Etymology of ASKING ALMS

The word "alms" originated from the Old English word "ælmesse", which can be traced back to the late Latin word "eleemosyna". The Old English word "ælmesse" referred to acts of charity or giving to the poor, typically in the form of money, food, or goods. The term "asking alms" developed from the practice of soliciting or requesting such charitable donations or offerings from others.