How Do You Spell ASKS?

Pronunciation: [ˈasks] (IPA)

The word "asks" is spelled with the letter "s" after the "k" to represent the /s/ sound. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is represented as /æks/. The pronunciation of this word can be noted as "a" as in "cat," "k" as in "kite," and "s" as in "snake." The spelling of "asks" follows the English language's rules of phonetic representation, where the sounds are indicated by a specific combination of letters.

ASKS Meaning and Definition

The word "asks" is a verb derived from the noun "ask." It refers to the action of requesting or inquiring about something, typically seeking information, advice, permission, or assistance. When someone asks a question or makes an inquiry, they express a desire to obtain knowledge or clarification regarding a particular matter.

Asking is a fundamental form of communication that enables individuals to convey their doubts, interests, needs, or intentions. By posing questions or making requests, people seek to engage in conversations or interactions, seeking input or guidance from others. This act of asking involves seeking answers, opinions, or suggestions, thus promoting dialogue, understanding, and problem-solving.

Asking can take various forms, such as formal or informal, direct or indirect, depending on social dynamics, context, or cultural norms. It often requires effective listening skills as well, as questions may open opportunities for constructive conversations or express curiosity about a given topic.

In addition to seeking information, asking can also show respect, humility, and recognition of one's limitations. It promotes growth, learning, and collaboration as it encourages individuals to interact, share knowledge, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Overall, "asks" is associated with the act of questioning, inquiring, or requesting, which facilitates communication, knowledge acquisition, and interpersonal connections in various domains of life.

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Etymology of ASKS

The word "asks" is derived from the Old English verb "ascian", which means "to ask, inquire, or request". It can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "aiskōną" and the Proto-Indo-European root "aisk-", both of which also relate to the concept of seeking or asking. Over time, the word evolved and adapted through various linguistic changes to become the modern English word "asks".

Similar spelling words for ASKS

Conjugate verb Asks


I would ask
we would ask
you would ask
he/she/it would ask
they would ask


I will ask
we will ask
you will ask
he/she/it will ask
they will ask


I will have asked
we will have asked
you will have asked
he/she/it will have asked
they will have asked


I asked
we asked
you asked
he/she/it asked
they asked


I had asked
we had asked
you had asked
he/she/it had asked
they had asked


I ask
we ask
you ask
he/she/it asks
they ask


I have asked
we have asked
you have asked
he/she/it has asked
they have asked
I am asking
we are asking
you are asking
he/she/it is asking
they are asking
I was asking
we were asking
you were asking
he/she/it was asking
they were asking
I will be asking
we will be asking
you will be asking
he/she/it will be asking
they will be asking
I have been asking
we have been asking
you have been asking
he/she/it has been asking
they have been asking
I had been asking
we had been asking
you had been asking
he/she/it had been asking
they had been asking
I will have been asking
we will have been asking
you will have been asking
he/she/it will have been asking
they will have been asking
I would have asked
we would have asked
you would have asked
he/she/it would have asked
they would have asked
I would be asking
we would be asking
you would be asking
he/she/it would be asking
they would be asking
I would have been asking
we would have been asking
you would have been asking
he/she/it would have been asking
they would have been asking


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