How Do You Spell ASSESSED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Assessed" is [ɐsˈɛst], [ɐsˈɛst], [ɐ_s_ˈɛ_s_t]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for ASSESSED

Below is the list of 207 misspellings for the word "assessed".

Definition of ASSESSED

  1. of Assess

Anagrams of ASSESSED

8 letters

  • assessed.

6 letters

Usage Examples for ASSESSED

  1. In England the valuation according to which the different counties and parishes were assessed to the land- tax by the 4th. - "On The Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation" by David Ricardo
  2. This was in addition to his income tax which amounted to $ 440, 000, making a total annual tax of nearly $ 1, 000, 000. The Krupps are said to have been assessed at $ 3, 000, 000. When the new military service laws were approved in Paris, which was about the middle of July, 1913, the French Cabinet was at its wit's end to provide the financial end of the tremendous military budget. - "Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights" by Kelly Miller

Conjugate verb Assessed


I would assess
we would assess
you would assess
he/she/it would assess
they would assess


I will assess
we will assess
you will assess
he/she/it will assess
they will assess


I will have assessed
we will have assessed
you will have assessed
he/she/it will have assessed
they will have assessed


I assessed
we assessed
you assessed
he/she/it assessed
they assessed


I had assessed
we had assessed
you had assessed
he/she/it had assessed
they had assessed


I assess
we assess
you assess
he/she/it assesses
they assess


I have assessed
we have assessed
you have assessed
he/she/it has assessed
they have assessed
I am assessing
we are assessing
you are assessing
he/she/it is assessing
they are assessing
I was assessing
we were assessing
you were assessing
he/she/it was assessing
they were assessing
I will be assessing
we will be assessing
you will be assessing
he/she/it will be assessing
they will be assessing
I have been assessing
we have been assessing
you have been assessing
he/she/it has been assessing
they have been assessing
I had been assessing
we had been assessing
you had been assessing
he/she/it had been assessing
they had been assessing
I will have been assessing
we will have been assessing
you will have been assessing
he/she/it will have been assessing
they will have been assessing
I would have assessed
we would have assessed
you would have assessed
he/she/it would have assessed
they would have assessed
I would be assessing
we would be assessing
you would be assessing
he/she/it would be assessing
they would be assessing
I would have been assessing
we would have been assessing
you would have been assessing
he/she/it would have been assessing
they would have been assessing