How Do You Spell ASSURES?

Pronunciation: [əʃjˈʊ͡əz] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "assures" can be tricky for some learners because of the silent "u" in the middle. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is transcribed as əˈʃʊrz, with the stress on the second syllable. The "a" is pronounced like the "a" in "cat," while the "u" is silent. "S" is pronounced like "s," and "u" is pronounced like "ʊ." The word means to give confidence or guarantee to someone, and it is commonly used in business or professional settings.

ASSURES Meaning and Definition

  1. Assures is a verb derived from the noun "assurance" and is commonly used in the present tense of the English language. It refers to the act of giving confidence, guarantee, or a certain level of certainty to someone regarding a particular situation or outcome. When someone assures another person, they are providing reassurance or making them feel certain and secure in what they are saying or promising.

    In essence, to assure means to convince, persuade, or console by instilling trust or belief. It involves offering a guarantee that something will happen or turning doubts or uncertainties into confidence and certainty. It can be used in various contexts, such as assuring a friend of your reliability, assuring a customer of the quality of a product, or assuring a patient of a doctor's expertise.

    The act of assurance often implies a degree of responsibility and commitment by the assurer to fulfill their promises or meet the expectations they have instilled. Thus, the word carries an element of dependability and trust.

    Overall, "assures" denotes the action of providing certainty, guarantee, or confidence to another person, often through words or actions, to put their mind at ease or make them believe in a particular outcome or situation.

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Etymology of ASSURES

The word "assures" originated from the Latin word "assurare", which means "to make secure". The Latin term comes from "ad-" meaning "to" or "towards", and "sēcūrus" meaning "secure" or "free from care". Over time, the word evolved into "assure" in Middle English, and eventually became "assures" in its present form in Modern English.

Similar spelling words for ASSURES

Conjugate verb Assures


I would assure
we would assure
you would assure
he/she/it would assure
they would assure


I will assure
we will assure
you will assure
he/she/it will assure
they will assure


I will have assured
we will have assured
you will have assured
he/she/it will have assured
they will have assured


I assured
we assured
you assured
he/she/it assured
they assured


I had assured
we had assured
you had assured
he/she/it had assured
they had assured


I assure
we assure
you assure
he/she/it assures
they assure


I have assured
we have assured
you have assured
he/she/it has assured
they have assured
I am assuring
we are assuring
you are assuring
he/she/it is assuring
they are assuring
I was assuring
we were assuring
you were assuring
he/she/it was assuring
they were assuring
I will be assuring
we will be assuring
you will be assuring
he/she/it will be assuring
they will be assuring
I have been assuring
we have been assuring
you have been assuring
he/she/it has been assuring
they have been assuring
I had been assuring
we had been assuring
you had been assuring
he/she/it had been assuring
they had been assuring
I will have been assuring
we will have been assuring
you will have been assuring
he/she/it will have been assuring
they will have been assuring
I would have assured
we would have assured
you would have assured
he/she/it would have assured
they would have assured
I would be assuring
we would be assuring
you would be assuring
he/she/it would be assuring
they would be assuring
I would have been assuring
we would have been assuring
you would have been assuring
he/she/it would have been assuring
they would have been assuring


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