How Do You Spell ATHARVA-VEDA?

The spelling of the word "atharva-veda" is based on the Indian script Devanagari. IPA phonetic transcription for the word is /əˈθɑːr.və ˈveɪdə/. The "a" in "atharva" is pronounced as "uh" and the "e" in "veda" is pronounced as "ay". The "r" sound in both "atharva" and "veda" is rolled. The "v" in "veda" is pronounced with a slight "w" sound. The Atharva Veda is a sacred Hindu text and one of the four Vedas.

Common Misspellings for ATHARVA-VEDA

  • ztharva-veda
  • stharva-veda
  • wtharva-veda
  • qtharva-veda
  • arharva-veda
  • afharva-veda
  • agharva-veda
  • ayharva-veda
  • a6harva-veda
  • a5harva-veda
  • atgarva-veda
  • atbarva-veda
  • atnarva-veda
  • atjarva-veda
  • atuarva-veda
  • atyarva-veda
  • athzrva-veda
  • athsrva-veda
  • athwrva-veda

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