How Do You Spell ATOLLS?

Pronunciation: [ˈatɒlz] (IPA)

The word "atolls" is spelled "a-t-o-l-l-s" with two syllables. The IPA phonetic transcription for "atolls" is /əˈtɒlz/. The first syllable "a" is pronounced as the schwa sound /ə/. The second syllable "tolls" is pronounced as /tɒlz/ with the "o" sound pronounced as a short vowel /ɒ/ and the double "l" indicating that the "l" sound is elongated. "Atolls" refers to a ring-shaped coral reef that surrounds a lagoon, typically found in the tropics.

ATOLLS Meaning and Definition

  1. Atolls are geographical formations that consist of coral reefs encircling a central lagoon. These unique ring-shaped islands are usually found in tropical or subtropical regions of the ocean. Atolls are formed over long periods of time as coral reefs grow around the rim of a volcanic island that gradually sinks or erodes away, leaving only the reef structure behind.

    The most distinct characteristic of atolls is their shape. They typically form a circular or oval-shaped configuration, with the coral reef enclosing a central lagoon. The reef itself is made up of living and dead corals, along with other organisms such as algae and invertebrates. Atolls can vary greatly in size, ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometers in diameter.

    Atolls play a crucial role in supporting diverse marine ecosystems as they provide habitats for a wide array of marine life. The lagoon within the atoll often serves as a nursery for juvenile fish and other marine species, while the reef provides protection against strong ocean currents and waves. Additionally, atolls are important for coastal protection as they act as natural barriers against the destructive forces of storms and erosion.

    Due to their unique and delicate composition, atolls are vulnerable to various environmental threats, including climate change, pollution, and overfishing. Rising sea levels and increased ocean temperatures pose significant risks to the survival of these formations, as they can cause coral bleaching and erosion. Consequently, preserving and protecting atolls is crucial for the maintenance of marine biodiversity and the conservation of these beautiful natural wonders.

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Etymology of ATOLLS

The word "atoll" originated from the Divehi language, which is spoken in the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. In Divehi, the term for an atoll is "atholhu". The English word "atoll" is a loanword that was adopted from Divehi during the 18th century. The root of "atholhu" is likely derived from the Sanskrit term "antala", meaning "boundary" or "edge", which is also used to refer to a concept similar to an atoll. Over time, the term "atoll" has been adopted and widely used in English to describe the ring-shaped coral reef or island formation found in the tropical oceans.

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