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Pronunciation: [ˈatəm] (IPA)

Atom is a five-letter word that refers to the basic building block of matter. In the IPA phonetic transcription, the word "atom" is written as /ˈætəm/, symbolizing its three distinct sounds. The first sound, /æ/, is the short "a" sound commonly found in "cat" and "hat". The second sound, /t/, is the voiceless "t" sound, whereas the third sound, /əm/, is a combination of the schwa sound /ə/ and the consonant sound /m/. Together, these sounds produce the pronunciation of the word atom.

ATOM Meaning and Definition

An atom is the fundamental building block of matter, defined as the smallest unit of a chemical element that retains the chemical properties of that element. It is the basic unit of matter, consisting of a nucleus, which is made up of protons and neutrons, and one or more electrons orbiting around the nucleus. The nucleus of an atom contains most of its mass, while the electrons are negatively charged particles that surround the nucleus in specific energy levels or electron shells.

Atoms are incredibly tiny, with a typical diameter on the order of a few tenths of a nanometer. They are the basic components from which all elements and compounds are formed through chemical reactions. Atoms combine and bond with each other, forming molecules or ions, resulting in the vast diversity of substances in the universe.

The study of atoms and their properties is a branch of science known as atomic physics or chemistry. It is through the understanding of atoms that we have gained insights into various scientific fields, including materials science, biochemistry, and nanotechnology. The modern understanding of atoms stems from advances in atomic theory, notably by scientists such as John Dalton, J.J. Thomson, Ernest Rutherford, and Niels Bohr, which paved the way for groundbreaking discoveries in the field of science.

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Etymology of ATOM

The word "atom" originates from the ancient Greek term "atomos", which means "indivisible" or "uncuttable". This term was coined by the Greek philosopher Democritus around the 5th century BCE. Democritus proposed that matter is made up of these indivisible particles called atoms, which cannot be further divided. The concept of atoms has since evolved significantly through the works of various scientists, including John Dalton, J.J. Thomson, Ernest Rutherford, and Niels Bohr.

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  • the atom

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Plural form of ATOM is ATOMS


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