How Do You Spell ATONES?

The word "atones" is spelled with the letter "a" followed by the letters "t-o-n-e-s." The "a" is pronounced as the short vowel sound /ə/, and the "o" in "tones" is pronounced as the long vowel sound /oʊ/. The word means to make up for or reconcile, often in a moral or ethical sense. Proper spelling is important in written communication to ensure that readers understand the intended meaning, and to demonstrate attention to detail and accuracy in written language.

Common Misspellings for ATONES

Similar spelling words for ATONES

51 words made out of letters ATONES

Conjugate verb Atones


I would atone
we would atone
you would atone
he/she/it would atone
they would atone


I will atone
we will atone
you will atone
he/she/it will atone
they will atone


I will have atoned
we will have atoned
you will have atoned
he/she/it will have atoned
they will have atoned


I atoned
we atoned
you atoned
he/she/it atoned
they atoned


I had atoned
we had atoned
you had atoned
he/she/it had atoned
they had atoned


I atone
we atone
you atone
he/she/it atones
they atone


I have atoned
we have atoned
you have atoned
he/she/it has atoned
they have atoned
I am atoning
we are atoning
you are atoning
he/she/it is atoning
they are atoning
I was atoning
we were atoning
you were atoning
he/she/it was atoning
they were atoning
I will be atoning
we will be atoning
you will be atoning
he/she/it will be atoning
they will be atoning
I have been atoning
we have been atoning
you have been atoning
he/she/it has been atoning
they have been atoning
I had been atoning
we had been atoning
you had been atoning
he/she/it had been atoning
they had been atoning
I will have been atoning
we will have been atoning
you will have been atoning
he/she/it will have been atoning
they will have been atoning
I would have atoned
we would have atoned
you would have atoned
he/she/it would have atoned
they would have atoned
I would be atoning
we would be atoning
you would be atoning
he/she/it would be atoning
they would be atoning
I would have been atoning
we would have been atoning
you would have been atoning
he/she/it would have been atoning
they would have been atoning


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