How Do You Spell ATTEMPTER?

Correct spelling for the English word "attempter" is [ɐtˈɛmptə], [ɐtˈɛmptə], [ɐ_t_ˈɛ_m_p_t_ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of ATTEMPTER

  1. One who attempts; one who essays anything.

Anagrams of ATTEMPTER

9 letters

  • reattempt.

8 letters

7 letters

Usage Examples for ATTEMPTER

  1. Let me tell him, gentlemen, that any gestures of dissent or disapprobation in which he may indulge in this court will not go down with you; that you will know how to value, and to appreciate them; and let me tell him further, as my lord will tell you, gentlemen, that a counsel, in the discharge of his duty to his client, is neither to be intimidated nor bullied, nor put down; and that any attempt to do either the one or the other, or the first or the last, will recoil on the head of the attempter, be he plaintiff or be he defendant, be his name Pickwick, or Noakes, or Stoakes, or Stiles, or Brown, or Thompson. - "Bardell v. Pickwick" by Percy Fitzgerald
  2. How shall a new attempter learn Of different spirits to discern, And how distinguish which is which, The poet's vein, or scribbling itch? - "Specimens with Memoirs of the Less-known British Poets, Vol. 3" by George Gilfillan