How Do You Spell AUGURED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Augured" is [ˈɔː_ɡ_ə_d], [ˈɔːɡəd], [ˈɔːɡəd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for AUGURED

Below is the list of 175 misspellings for the word "augured".

Definition of AUGURED

  1. of Augur

Anagrams of AUGURED

7 letters

  • augured.

6 letters

  • argued.

5 letters

Usage Examples for AUGURED

  1. The friar fixed his keen eye upon Mesty, and perceived there was a savage look about the black, from which he augured that he was a man who would suit his purpose. - "Mr. Midshipman Easy" by Captain Frederick Marryat
  2. Under ordinary circumstances this would have augured well for the success of his appeal, for it showed that the public were at all events not apathetic. - "Hyacinth 1906" by George A. Birmingham

Conjugate verb Augured


I would augur
we would augur
you would augur
he/she/it would augur
they would augur


I will augur
we will augur
you will augur
he/she/it will augur
they will augur


I will have augured
we will have augured
you will have augured
he/she/it will have augured
they will have augured


I augured
we augured
you augured
he/she/it augured
they augured


I had augured
we had augured
you had augured
he/she/it had augured
they had augured


I augur
we augur
you augur
he/she/it augurs
they augur


I have augured
we have augured
you have augured
he/she/it has augured
they have augured
I am auguring
we are auguring
you are auguring
he/she/it is auguring
they are auguring
I was auguring
we were auguring
you were auguring
he/she/it was auguring
they were auguring
I will be auguring
we will be auguring
you will be auguring
he/she/it will be auguring
they will be auguring
I have been auguring
we have been auguring
you have been auguring
he/she/it has been auguring
they have been auguring
I had been auguring
we had been auguring
you had been auguring
he/she/it had been auguring
they had been auguring
I will have been auguring
we will have been auguring
you will have been auguring
he/she/it will have been auguring
they will have been auguring
I would have augured
we would have augured
you would have augured
he/she/it would have augured
they would have augured
I would be auguring
we would be auguring
you would be auguring
he/she/it would be auguring
they would be auguring
I would have been auguring
we would have been auguring
you would have been auguring
he/she/it would have been auguring
they would have been auguring