Pronunciation: [ˈɔːnsɪlwˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

The word "Auncelweight" is a term used in the medieval era to describe a type of weight used by merchants. The correct spelling of this word is "Ankush weight". The word has been spelled differently over time and its original spelling is uncertain. The correct pronunciation of "Ankush" is /ˈæŋkʊʃ/. The word is pronounced with stress on the first syllable and ends with a voiceless velar fricative sound. The spelling of this word has evolved over time and it is important to note the correct spelling when using it in historical contexts.

Common Misspellings for AUNCELWEIGHT

  • zuncelweight
  • suncelweight
  • wuncelweight
  • quncelweight
  • ayncelweight
  • ahncelweight
  • ajncelweight
  • aincelweight
  • a8ncelweight
  • a7ncelweight
  • aubcelweight
  • aumcelweight
  • aujcelweight
  • auhcelweight
  • aunxelweight
  • aunvelweight
  • aunfelweight
  • aundelweight
  • auncwlweight
  • auncslweight


The word "Auncelweight" is derived from the Middle English term "auncel", which comes from the Old French word "ainseel" or "ancelle". In medieval times, an auncel or auncelweight was a type of balance or weighing scale used to measure goods or precious metals. It had two unequal arms, with a pivot in the middle, on which weights were placed to balance the items being measured. Therefore, the word "auncelweight" refers to this specific type of weighing instrument.


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