How Do You Spell AVADI?

Pronunciation: [avˈadɪ] (IPA)

The word "avadi" is a phonetic transcription of a word spoken in the Tamil language. It is spelled as "ə.vɑ.di" in IPA transcription. The first sound "ə" is a schwa, a neutral vowel sound. The second sound "vɑ" is a combination of "v" and "ɑ" which represents a low back vowel. The final sound "di" is pronounced with a short "i" sound. Thus, the correct pronunciation of "avadi" is "uh-vah-dee".

AVADI Meaning and Definition

  1. Avadi is a noun referring to a suburban town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located approximately 24 kilometers west of Chennai, the state's capital city. The name "Avadi" is derived from the Tamil words "Aa" meaning "elephant" and "vadi" meaning "pathway," hence it translates to "the pathway of elephants."

    Within its dictionary definition, Avadi can also refer to the Avadi Municipality, which encompasses the town as well as its surrounding areas. It is considered an important industrial hub, housing various manufacturing units, government establishments, and defense-related facilities such as the Heavy Vehicles Factory and the Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment.

    Avadi is also known for its historical significance as it was home to the legendary Chola dynasty in ancient times. The town has witnessed several historical events that have shaped the region's cultural heritage. Additionally, Avadi serves as a residential area for individuals working in Chennai, as it provides relatively affordable housing options compared to the city.

    In summary, Avadi is a suburb of Chennai, located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is home to various industrial, government, and defense establishments and holds historical importance due to its association with the Chola dynasty. Furthermore, Avadi functions as a residential area for individuals working in Chennai.

Common Misspellings for AVADI

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