How Do You Spell AVAHI?

Pronunciation: [avˈahɪ] (IPA)

The word "avahi" is pronounced "uh-VAH-hee" and is spelled using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as /ʌ'vɑhi/. This spelling helps to accurately convey the unique sounds of the Malagasy language, in which the word originates. Avahi refers to a genus of nocturnal lemurs found only in Madagascar, known for their large eyes and distinctive elongated fingers. Accurate spelling of this and other Malagasy words is important for proper communication and understanding within the scientific community.

AVAHI Meaning and Definition

Avahi is a noun that refers to a small nocturnal mammal belonging to the lemur family, which is native to Madagascar. The avahi is also commonly known as the woolly lemur or the eastern woolly lemur.

Avahi possesses several unique physical characteristics that define its species. It has dense, woolly fur that comes in various shades, ranging from reddish-brown to grey. Its large, round eyes are adapted for night vision, indicating its nocturnal nature. Avahi lemurs have elongated limbs and a long, bushy tail, which aids in maintaining balance while moving through trees.

These animals primarily live in the dense forests of eastern Madagascar, inhabiting the middle and upper canopy levels. They are herbivorous, with a diet mainly consisting of leaves but also include flowers, fruits, and bark. Due to their specialized diet, avahi lemurs have remarkable digestive adaptations.

Avahi lemurs are also known for their unique social structure. They exhibit a monogamous mating system, forming long-term pair bonds. They are arboreal creatures, spending most of their lives in the treetops, where they move using a combination of leaping and climbing. They have a gentle and quiet nature, typically emitting soft, hoot-like vocalizations.

The avahi lemur is classified as a vulnerable species due to habitat loss as a result of deforestation and fragmentation. Conservation efforts have been implemented to protect their natural habitat and ensure the survival of this unique and fascinating lemur species.

Common Misspellings for AVAHI

  • zvahi
  • svahi
  • wvahi
  • qvahi
  • acahi
  • abahi
  • agahi
  • afahi
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  • avshi
  • avwhi
  • avqhi
  • avagi
  • avabi
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Similar spelling words for AVAHI

  • Ave,
  • OVAHA,
  • EVAHA,
  • AFAHA,
  • av,
  • evohe,
  • Ava,
  • IFAHI,
  • EvoHo,
  • avo.


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