How Do You Spell AVAHI?

The word "avahi" is pronounced "uh-VAH-hee" and is spelled using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as /ʌ'vɑhi/. This spelling helps to accurately convey the unique sounds of the Malagasy language, in which the word originates. Avahi refers to a genus of nocturnal lemurs found only in Madagascar, known for their large eyes and distinctive elongated fingers. Accurate spelling of this and other Malagasy words is important for proper communication and understanding within the scientific community.

Common Misspellings for AVAHI

  • zvahi
  • svahi
  • wvahi
  • qvahi
  • acahi
  • abahi
  • agahi
  • afahi
  • avzhi
  • avshi
  • avwhi
  • avqhi
  • avagi
  • avabi
  • avani
  • avaji
  • avaui
  • avayi
  • avahu

Similar spelling words for AVAHI

  • Ave,
  • OVAHA,
  • EVAHA,
  • AFAHA,
  • av,
  • evohe,
  • Ava,
  • IFAHI,
  • EvoHo,
  • avo.

7 words made out of letters AVAHI

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