Pronunciation: [avˈahɪ lˈanɪd͡ʒə] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "Avahi Laniger" is influenced by its origin from the Malagasy language. "Avahi" refers to a type of lemur while "Laniger" means woolly. The IPA phonetic transcription of "Avahi" is /əˈvɑhi/ and "Laniger" is /lænɪdʒər/. The transcriptions indicate that "Avahi" is pronounced with a stress on the second syllable and a schwa sound at the beginning, while "Laniger" has stress on the first syllable and a soft "j" sound in the second syllable.

AVAHI LANIGER Meaning and Definition

Avahi laniger, commonly known as the Eastern woolly lemur or avahi, is a small primate species found in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar. It belongs to the family Indriidae, a group of primates known as lemurs. The Avahi laniger has distinct features that make it easily distinguishable from other lemurs.

The Eastern woolly lemur has a dense and wool-like fur, hence its name. Its coat is primarily gray or brown, which serves as effective camouflage in its forest habitat. Its tail is long, bushy, and non-prehensile. Avahi laniger has large eyes that are adapted for nocturnal activities, as it is primarily active during the night.

In terms of size, the Eastern woolly lemur is relatively small, measuring around 25 to 30 centimeters in length, excluding its tail. It weighs between 0.9 to 1.5 kilograms, making it one of the smaller lemur species. It primarily feeds on leaves, buds, and flowers, utilizing its specialized teeth and digestive system to efficiently extract nutrients from plant material.

Avahi laniger typically lives in small family groups, consisting of a monogamous pair and their offspring. They are arboreal, spending most of their time in the trees, hopping through the canopy using their powerful hind legs. Their communication consists of various vocalizations and scent marking.

The population of Avahi laniger is currently declining due to habitat loss and fragmentation caused by deforestation. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this unique lemur species and ensure its survival in its native rainforest habitat.

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Etymology of AVAHI LANIGER

The word "Avahi laniger" is actually a scientific name given to a particular species of lemur known as the woolly lemur. As such, it does not have a direct etymology like common words.

However, to provide some context, the scientific name "Avahi laniger" originates from Latin and Greek roots. "Avahi" is derived from the Malagasy word "avahi", which is the native name for this type of lemur. "Laniger" combines the Latin words "lan(a)" meaning "wool" and "ger(ere)" meaning "to bear", referring to the lemur's dense and woolly fur.


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