How Do You Spell AWING?

Correct spelling for the English word "awing" is [ˈɔːɪŋ], [ˈɔːɪŋ], [ˈɔː_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling word for AWING

36 words made out of letters AWING

3 letters

  • iga,
  • ang,
  • nig,
  • awn,
  • wag,
  • win,
  • ain,
  • nag,
  • gia,
  • nig,
  • gin,
  • ani,
  • wan,
  • wig.

4 letters

  • wain,
  • agni,
  • inwa,
  • gnaw,
  • awni,
  • awni,
  • agin,
  • wing,
  • inga,
  • gwan,
  • nagi,
  • gain,
  • inwa,
  • gwan.

5 letters

  • wagin,
  • wiang,
  • wangi,
  • awing,
  • wangi,
  • wagin,
  • awing,
  • wiang.

Conjugate verb Awing


I would awe
we would awe
you would awe
he/she/it would awe
they would awe


I will awe
we will awe
you will awe
he/she/it will awe
they will awe


I will have awed
we will have awed
you will have awed
he/she/it will have awed
they will have awed


I awed
we awed
you awed
he/she/it awed
they awed


I had awed
we had awed
you had awed
he/she/it had awed
they had awed


I awe
we awe
you awe
he/she/it awes
they awe


I have awed
we have awed
you have awed
he/she/it has awed
they have awed
I am awing
we are awing
you are awing
he/she/it is awing
they are awing
I was awing
we were awing
you were awing
he/she/it was awing
they were awing
I will be awing
we will be awing
you will be awing
he/she/it will be awing
they will be awing
I have been awing
we have been awing
you have been awing
he/she/it has been awing
they have been awing
I had been awing
we had been awing
you had been awing
he/she/it had been awing
they had been awing
I will have been awing
we will have been awing
you will have been awing
he/she/it will have been awing
they will have been awing
I would have awed
we would have awed
you would have awed
he/she/it would have awed
they would have awed
I would be awing
we would be awing
you would be awing
he/she/it would be awing
they would be awing
I would have been awing
we would have been awing
you would have been awing
he/she/it would have been awing
they would have been awing


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