How Do You Spell AXING?

The spelling of the word "axing" can be explained using IPA phonetic transcription. The first sound is the "a" pronounced as /æ/, followed by the letter "x" which makes the /ks/ sound. Then we have the suffix "-ing" which is pronounced as /ɪŋ/ in IPA. Therefore, the correct phonetic transcription for "axing" is /æksɪŋ/. This word refers to the act of cutting or chopping with an axe, often used in industries such as forestry or construction.

Common Misspellings for AXING

Similar spelling word for AXING

15 words made out of letters AXING

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4 letters

Conjugate verb Axing


I would ax
we would ax
you would ax
he/she/it would ax
they would ax


I will ax
we will ax
you will ax
he/she/it will ax
they will ax


I will have axed
we will have axed
you will have axed
he/she/it will have axed
they will have axed


I axed
we axed
you axed
he/she/it axed
they axed


I had axed
we had axed
you had axed
he/she/it had axed
they had axed


I ax
we ax
you ax
he/she/it axes
they ax


I have axed
we have axed
you have axed
he/she/it has axed
they have axed
I am axing
we are axing
you are axing
he/she/it is axing
they are axing
I was axing
we were axing
you were axing
he/she/it was axing
they were axing
I will be axing
we will be axing
you will be axing
he/she/it will be axing
they will be axing
I have been axing
we have been axing
you have been axing
he/she/it has been axing
they have been axing
I had been axing
we had been axing
you had been axing
he/she/it had been axing
they had been axing
I will have been axing
we will have been axing
you will have been axing
he/she/it will have been axing
they will have been axing
I would have axed
we would have axed
you would have axed
he/she/it would have axed
they would have axed
I would be axing
we would be axing
you would be axing
he/she/it would be axing
they would be axing
I would have been axing
we would have been axing
you would have been axing
he/she/it would have been axing
they would have been axing


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