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Pronunciation: [ˈaksɒn] (IPA)

The word "axon" is a term used in biology to refer to a neuron's elongated projection that conducts electrical impulses away from the cell body. The phonetic transcription of "axon" is /ˈæksən/, where the first sound is "a" as in "cat", followed by "k" sound and then "s" sound as in "socks" and "sun" respectively. The final sound of the word "axon" pronounced like "n" as in "ten". Proper spelling is crucial in scientific works to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.

AXON Meaning and Definition

  1. The axon is a long, slender, and cylindrical process that extends from the cell body of a neuron, serving as the primary transmission line for signals within the nervous system. It is one of the two main types of processes in a neuron, the other being dendrites. The axon is responsible for carrying electrical impulses, known as action potentials, away from the cell body toward other neurons, muscles, or glands.

    An axon typically arises from a specialized region of the cell body called the axon hillock and may further branch into smaller structures known as axon collaterals. Throughout its length, the axon is enveloped by an insulating layer called the myelin sheath, which is formed by Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system and oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system. The myelin sheath acts as a form of insulation, enhancing the speed and efficiency of signal conduction along the axon.

    Axons can vary in length, ranging from micrometers to meters, allowing for communication across different regions of the body. At the end of the axon, specialized structures called axon terminals form connections with other neurons or target tissues through synapses, facilitating the transfer of information via chemical neurotransmitters. In this way, the axon plays a crucial role in the transmission of signals from one neuron to another, enabling the coordination of various physiological and cognitive processes in the nervous system.

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Etymology of AXON

The word "axon" comes from the Greek word "axios", meaning "axis" or "axle". The term was initially introduced by the German anatomist Heinrich Wilhelm Waldeyer in the late 19th century to describe the elongated nerve fiber of a neuron, which serves as a transmitting element within the nervous system. Waldeyer likely used the term "axon" due to its cylindrical shape and its role as the central axis or axle upon which neural signals are conducted.

Idioms with the word AXON

  • axon terminal The axon terminal is the end point of a neuron's axon, which forms synapses with other neurons to transmit electrical signals.

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Plural form of AXON is AXONS


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