How Do You Spell AXUNGE?

Axunge is a word often used in medical terminology to refer to animal fat, particularly the thick fat found under the skin of pigs. The spelling of this word follows the standard English pronunciation rules with the "a" pronounced as the "a" in "cat", the "x" as "ks", the "u" as "uh", the "n" as "n", the "g" as "g", and the "e" as a silent letter. Its IPA phonetic transcription is /æksʌndʒ/.

Common Misspellings for AXUNGE

  • zxunge
  • sxunge
  • wxunge
  • qxunge
  • azunge
  • acunge
  • adunge
  • asunge
  • axynge
  • axhnge
  • axjnge
  • axinge
  • ax8nge
  • ax7nge
  • axubge
  • axumge
  • axujge
  • axuhge
  • axunfe
  • saxunge

5 words made out of letters AXUNGE

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5 letters


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