How Do You Spell AY CARAMBA?

"Ay caramba" is a common Spanish expression used to express surprise or frustration. The correct spelling of this word might not be immediately evident to English speakers, but it is pronounced /ai kaɾamba/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable is pronounced like the English word "eye." The second syllable has a rolled "r" sound and is followed by the "a" vowel sound, which is pronounced like in the word "car." The final syllable has a short "a" sound followed by the "ba" consonant sound, pronounced like in the word "bar."

Common Misspellings for AY CARAMBA

  • zy caramba
  • sy caramba
  • wy caramba
  • qy caramba
  • at caramba
  • ag caramba
  • ah caramba
  • au caramba
  • a7 caramba
  • a6 caramba
  • ay xaramba
  • ay varamba
  • ay faramba
  • ay daramba
  • ay czramba
  • ay csramba
  • ay cwramba
  • ay cqramba
  • ay caeamba
  • ay cadamba

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