How Do You Spell AY OR AYE?

The spelling of the words "ay" and "aye" can be confusing. Both are pronounced the same, /aɪ/, but they have different meanings. "Ay" is an affirmative vote, while "aye" is more commonly used to express agreement or approval. The origin of "aye" can be traced back to the Old Norse word "ei," which means "always" or "ever." This spelling was eventually anglicized to "aye" and has remained in use ever since. So next time you're voting in a meeting, remember to use the correct spelling!

Common Misspellings for AY OR AYE

  • zy or aye
  • sy or aye
  • wy or aye
  • qy or aye
  • at or aye
  • ag or aye
  • ah or aye
  • au or aye
  • a7 or aye
  • a6 or aye
  • ay ir aye
  • ay kr aye
  • ay lr aye
  • ay pr aye
  • ay 0r aye
  • ay 9r aye
  • ay oe aye
  • ay od aye
  • ay of aye
  • ay ot aye

44 words made out of letters AY OR AYE

3 letters

4 letters

5 letters

  • yeary,
  • ayyar,
  • aorae,
  • ayora.


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