How Do You Spell AZALIAH?

Pronunciation: [ˌaze͡ɪlˈa͡ɪ͡ə] (IPA)

The name Azaliah is spelled with six letters in English, but it can be tricky to pronounce accurately since it has a few sounds that aren't found in many other words. Using the International Phonetic Alphabet, we can see that the first two letters are pronounced like "ay" as in "day", followed by a "z" sound and a long "u" as in "flu". The next two letters are pronounced like "ee" as in "feet", and the final letter is a voiceless "h" sound. Thus, it is pronounced [əˈzʌl.jə] in IPA.

AZALIAH Meaning and Definition

  1. Azaliah is a relatively rare given name, predominantly of Hebrew origin. The name Azaliah has multiple meanings and interpretations, often connected to its biblical significance. In Hebrew, Azaliah is derived from two root words: "azaz" meaning "strong" or "mighty," and "Yah" or "YHWH," which represents the divine name of God. As a result, Azaliah is often interpreted as "Yahweh is mighty" or "God is strong."

    In biblical tradition, Azaliah is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. One prominent figure is Azaliah son of Meshullam, who participated in the rebuilding of the city walls of Jerusalem during the time of Nehemiah. Another occurrence is Azaliah son of Johanan, a Levite who played a role in the purification of the temple in the reign of Hezekiah.

    Due to its Hebrew roots, Azaliah is often associated with qualities such as strength, power, and divine protection. As a given name, Azaliah may symbolize a sense of resilience and the ability to overcome challenges. It can be regarded as a unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking a name that reflects a strong, spiritual connection.

Etymology of AZALIAH

The name "Azaliah" is of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, it is written as עֲזַלְיָהוּ (Azalyahu) and is composed of two elements: "azal" and "yah", which means "to go" and "God" respectively. Therefore, the name Azaliah can be translated as "God has reserved" or "God has set apart".