How Do You Spell AZANIAH?

Azaniah is a name of Hebrew origin that is spelled with six letters; A, Z, A, N, I, and A, and pronounced /əˈzænaiə/. The first syllable has a schwa sound ə and is followed by a voiced alveolar fricative z, while the second syllable starts with a schwa sound ə and has an unaspirated voiceless alveolar plosive t sound. The third syllable has a short a sound æ, followed by the same voiced alveolar fricative z. The fourth syllable is pronounced with a short i sound, and the last syllable has another schwa sound ə.

Common Misspellings for AZANIAH

  • zzaniah
  • szaniah
  • wzaniah
  • qzaniah
  • axaniah
  • aaaniah
  • azzniah
  • azsniah
  • azwniah
  • azqniah
  • azabiah
  • azamiah
  • azajiah
  • azanuah
  • azanjah
  • azankah
  • azanoah
  • azan9ah
  • azan8ah
  • azanizh

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